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What is a Patient Participation Group?

A Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a great way for patients and GP practices to work together to improve services and promote health and wellbeing. They can help strengthen the relationship between staff and patients and be an integral part of decision making for Clinical Commissioning Groups.


What Can PPGs do?

PPGs are not groups for complainers! They are designed to enhance and support the work of the practice. PPGs can:

Provide the patient perspective

  • Conducting surveys or collecting feedback in the waiting room
  • Advising the practice and patients on new services
  • Sharing good practice with other PPGs

Promote health matters by:

  • Organising events on particular health issues
  • Raising awareness of health matters in the surgery
  • Volunteering and supporting staff at flu clinics

Influence the development of services by:

  • Advising on the development or improvement of premises
  • Representing patient’s views when services are being commissioned
  • Co-ordinating with other PPGs to improve healthcare across the wider community
PPG Display at Keyworth Medical Practice

PPG Display at Keyworth Medical Practice

PPG Display Board at East Bridgford Medical Practice

PPG Display Board at East Bridgford Medical Practice

PPG Display Keyworth Medical Practice

PPG Display Keyworth Medical Practice

PPGs are not:

  • A forum for complaints – ground rules are needed to ensure that PPG members do not use the group as a means to deal with their own individual issues.
  • A doctor’s fan club – PPGs must have the confidence to challenge the practice.
  • A time-consuming activity for staff – some effort is needed to set up the group buy longer term, a well-organised PPG will be able to run independently and can undertake activities to save practice time.


NHS Rushcliffe CCG works closely with the 12 PPGs, mainly through the Active Group. Click here to find out more about the Active Group.

Ways in which the PPG's have got involved to promote health matters

Supporting PPG Awareness Week

PPG awareness week takes place every year. Its aim is to promote the role and benefits of PPGs to patients, the public and health professionals, to create more understanding of the value of true patient participation

“Patients and carers are the smoke alarms for the frontline of the NHS. They are often first to spot poor care and also have great ideas about how to make care better. They need to be involved in decisions not just about their care, but in designing better care for others. Patient Participation Groups are a crucial way of harnessing the voice of the patient in primary care, and have much to contribute in driving up quality”

Dr Phil Hammond, GP turned hospital doctor, journalist and broadcaster

The awareness week too place 9-24 June 2017. 

Supporting Self Care Week

Self Care Week is an annual national awareness week that focuses on establishing support for self-care across communities, families and generations. Self Care Week took place this year between 13-19th November 2017 and this year’s theme was engaging and empowering people and the strapline was Embracing Self Care for Life.

As well as specific Self Care Week and flu vaccination messages, the initiative saw an extension of the localised One You campaign to focus on winter health. This included the promotion of community pharmacies as experts for minor ailments and information to support people in using the right NHS service first time the over the winter period of high demand.

A toolkit of resources was provided to the Patient Participation Group (PPG) at each surgery who liaised with practice managers and GPs to support the campaign and provide designated display space within surgeries. Vinyl banners were also provided for ongoing use by practices throughout the winter months and the CCG was able to promote these events across social media.


South County Patient Participation Group Networking Event 

A South Nottinghamshire Patient Participation Group (PPG) Networking Event took place on Thursday 13 October with over 85 people attending this event at Trent Vineyard.

Speakers at the event included Dr Nicole Atkinson, who spoke about a GP’s perspective on a successful PPG, Frances Newell, Patient and Public Partnerships Lead from NHS England who was the keynote speaker and spoke about the future of PPGs and the importance of patient participation.

PPGs from across the area had the opportunity to network and have table discussions about what was working well in their PPG, what they needed help with and how they reach wider populations.


On departure, attendees had the chance to sum the event up in our one word evaluation summary.

Read the evaluation of the event here 


“Excellent, a great start; we need to do this again”


“Always good to network and share ideas”


“Really inspired by Dr. Nicole Atkinson”