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Skin cancer awareness workshop

Skin cancer awareness workshop event to support professionals to spot signs of cancer

 Rushcliffe Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is hosting a Skin Cancer Awareness Workshop for local professionals who work in the health and beauty sector.

The event, which will take place at 7pm on Wednesday 3 July at Rushcliffe Arena, has proved to be very popular, with places filling up within days of going on offer.

 While Wednesday’s event is full, the CCG hopes to host more events later this year.

The workshop will be delivered by local Rushcliffe GP & Community dermatologist Dr Ramesh Patel and the aim of the session is to support professionals in this sector to detect the signs of potential skin cancers in clients, enabling them to signpost on to their GP for further advice if any skin concerns are identified.

Dr Patel says: “This is a great opportunity for those involved in the hair and beauty industry to build their knowledge and awareness of some of the first signs of skins cancer. I’ll be covering all the key indicators to look out for and people will be able to ask any specific questions they might have.

“Hair and beauty professionals see people on a regular basis, so have a unique opportunity to observe changes that may occur on their skin, particularly in areas that people may not be able to easily see themselves. 

“This regular contact, places hair and beauty professionals in an invaluable position to spot changes and signpost their clients to their GP. We believe increasing awareness about how to spot potential skin cancers with health and beauty professionals will provide a real advantage in the early detection of cancer.”

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Deputy Leader Cllr Debbie Mason will be attending the event. She said: “It’s vital we raise awareness on skin cancer to educate residents on the dangers of being exposed to the sun. It is heartening to see a partner such as Rushcliffe CCG placing such importance on the issue and that local professionals have responded so positively and wish to learn more.”

Early detection of skin cancer is key. Due to the importance of raising awareness locally and the popularity of the event, the CCG team is planning more for the future.

 And with the Summer holidays fast approaching, Dr Patel would also like to remind people to stay sun safe. He says: “Naturally, people want to make the most of sunny weather, but it’s important that we all stay safe in the sun.  So, take care to limit your time in the sun, particularly in the middle of the day. This means taking a break indoors or seeking out the shade, especially between 11am and 3pm when the sun’s rays are at their strongest. This is particularly important for children.

“Wear appropriate clothing that protects you from the sun, like long trousers, long-sleeve shirts and always wear a hat.  

“And finally, use suntan lotion and make sure you reapply it regularly. I recommend an SPF30 as a minimum.”