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NHS Rushcliffe CCG is committed to promoting equality, valuing diversity and combating unfair treatment, improving patient experiences by achieving excellence.

We are committed to ensuring that current staff, potential staff and NHS service users will not be discriminated against on the grounds of social circumstances or background, gender and gender identity, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief and non-belief.

We will work with staff, partners, providers of services, patients and communities to improve the health of our population and reduce health inequalities.

In every part of the NHS, we will strive for the ‘best care’ for our patients and staff by achieving high quality for all and valuing difference.

It is important to understand the key differences between equality and diversity. Equality without diversity is treating everyone the same, which leads to confusion and political correctness without common sense. Diversity without equality on the other hand, would result in the survival of the privileged to the exclusion of others. Neither can be truly effective without the other.

Our Annual Equality Report demonstrates how we meet the Public Sector Equality Duty of the Equality Act 2010.

Useful documents:

Equality and Diversity Policy
Equality and Diversity Strategy
Workforce Race Equality Standard Report


Equality Delivery System 2

The Equality Delivery System 2 (EDS2) is the framework used by the NHS to make sure all NHS organisations consider equality and diversity both in the services that they provide or buy, as well as in the workplace within which staff work.

A key part of the EDS2 is the grading process. This is where we ask colleagues in our own organisations and organisations we work with: as well as patients and community groups, to tell us how they think we’re doing.

The EDS2 covers the nine protected characteristics and has four goals:

• Better health outcomes for all;
• Improved patient access and experience;
• Empowered engaged and well supported staff; and
• Inclusive leadership at all levels.

Useful documents

Equality Delivery System 2 Grading Report 2016/17
Appendix 1 Equality Delivery System 2 Summary Report
Appendix 2 Equality Delivery System 2 Action Plan


Equality Impact Assessments

Rushcliffe Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to ensuring that commissioning decisions, business cases and any other business plans are evaluated for their impact on equality through completion of Equality Impact Assessments.

An impact assessment is a continuous process to ensure that possible or actual business plans are assessed and the potential consequences on equality are considered and any necessary mitigating actions are outlined in a uniformed way.

Useful documents:

Completed Equality Impact Assessments


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